District Head Guan Chenghua Conducted

an Inspection to BIIIB

On June 29, 2007, Guang Chenghua, the head of Changping District, Beijing, accompanied by the director of the management committee of the science park and the office director of Changping District Government, conducted an on-site inspection to Beijing International Information Industry Base (BIIIB for short). Hong Bo, the secretary of the Party committee of Huilongguan Town and other leaders of the town took part in the inspection and made reports about BIIIB programs to District Head Guan. Dr. Wang Tianyi, the president of CIIC, Liu Qun, the general manager of BIIP and other staffs of the program party also attended the report meeting.

In the conference room of Fusheng Machinery Company, a Taiwan-funded company in the park, General Manager Liu Qun first reported the land investment of Phase I and the land development of Phase II in BIIIB, and then, introduced the future development orientation, the comprehensive land development and diversified product design of BIIIB under new circumstances.

President Wang Tianyi made an introduction to the park development idea with the overseas park to drive the domestic ones, the development concept of exploiting and creating property and managing and integrating logistics as well as lots of foreign park development experience that was worth learning for us.

Having affirmed the development concept of CIIC, District Head Guan held that CIIC thought about the development at a higher strategic level. Having thought highly of the achievements in the development and attracting investment that BIIIB received, District Head Guan said that development of the industry base was very rapid, and the achievements in attracting investment cheerful. Meanwhile, he also put forward the following four development suggestions.

Regarding the development orientation of BIIIB, District Head Guan held that it still needed to be studied seriously. Since the land resources of Changping District was very precious, it was a subject how to bring the advantages into play on the limited land so that both the short-term benefit and long-term benefit could be taken account. At present, many large enterprises were coming here to look for land resources with large area, therefore, District Head Guan asked us to make full use of the existing land resources with consideration to the current new situations.

Regarding the procedure issue of some in-park enterprises of Phase I, District Head Guan expressed he would settle it as soon as possible. Next week he would consult the issue with the leaders of the planning committee. Since it involved in many government departments, it still needed some time. Nevertheless, considering the special situation of the park, they would try to settle the issue as soon as possible so as to promote the healthy development of the park.

Regarding the infrastructure in the park, District Head Guan thought the present internal infrastructure of BIIIB was rather good. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the linking up program between Beiqing Road, which was going to be built, and the North Line of the airport expressway as well as the implementation of other road network reconstruction and supporting municipal projects would play a vital role in the development of the park, and they were good resources for the development of the base.

Regarding the overall development idea of the park in Changping District, District Head Guan held that Changping needed more industry supports. At present, Changping had two emphases, i.e., the information industry and the energy and technology industry, and another two focuses, i.e., biological medicine and financial platform. Since industry or manufacturing industry could solve the employment issue, it needed to be developed, but it would lead to troubles if a region depended too much on it because the manufacturing industry had too large fluctuation. As for the development orientation of Phase II of the base, he suggested we should conduct more studies and respect the opinions of each other so as to make the concept of Phase II of the park much clearer, the investment attraction more effective, and the orientation more accurate. The industry base could be developed much better by means of the international experience and the rich human resources of CIIC.