CIIC 2007 Biannual Conference Was Successfully

Held President Wang Delivered a Keynote Speech Entitled as

"Passion Creates History, Diligence Forges Success"

On July 30, 2007, CIIC 2007 Biannual Conference was successfully held in State-Guest Hotel. The six systems including scientific technology, real estate, property, hotel, information security, and life industry affiliated to the group and the comprehensive departments such as Operation Department, Department of Human Resource, and Supervision Council and so on respectively made reports on their work summary of the first half year and the work plan for the second half year. President Wang Tianyi made a keynote speech entitled as "Passion Creates History, Diligence Forges Success". Liu Qun, the vice-president of CIIC and general manager of BIIIB, made a report on behalf of BIIP.

In the passionate song named "the March of the Volunteers" by the whole staffs of CIIC, CIIC 2007 Biannual Conference commenced formally. Vice-president Liu Qun made a report entitled as "Enhance the Operation Ability, Realize the Three Firsts" on behalf of BIIP, which summarized and reported respectively from the following three aspects: cash flow, the expansion of the parks in other places of the country and overseas programs, and the building of teams.

On cash flow, having implemented the strategy of "scale sales" to promote the promotion and sales, BIIP adhered to the sales strategy combining "the pre-sale of production and office comprehensive buildings" with "the customization of the headquarters base" while striving for various preferential policies and financial subsidies. Therefore, the cash inflow rose by 40.2% compared with that in 2006.

On the expansion of the parks in other places of the country and overseas programs, under the sense of responsibility to create history, BIIP replicated the Beijing mode in the parks in other place of the country according to "the White Book of the Park Development". Meanwhile, it conducted negotiations with three countries including Poland and so on and the concerning projects totaling over 20 billion euros.

On the building of teams, under the guidance of the employment concept proposed by President Wang, BIIP carried out the strategy of "cultivating two talents and promoting one of them", so that the competitive consciousness and team work of "excellence originated from competition and team forging brilliance" were advanced in the whole staffs. Therefore, the staff quality was all improved and a brand-new spirit took on.

In 2007, BIIP will focus on the following issues: to expand the sales of the park, improve the layout of the parks in other place of the country, advance the development of the overseas parks and programs, and try to realize the cash flow; to finish the 1st phase construction and the approval reply for control planning of the 2nd phase of the Beijing park, reduce the cost, and try to achieve more preferential policies; to implement the employment strategy of "cultivating two talents and promoting one of them", and strengthen the building of professional manager team and etc.

On the phase of free talk of the conference, two deputy general managers, Tang Hongzhi and Tian Zhenxing and three comrades including Liu Liang, Wu Yu and Cheng Xiaolin from BIIP gave their speeches on the stage. During the speech, they reported their own work performances, drew nice pictures for the future of the company. Their colorful speeches adequately showed demeanor of the young team in BIIP and were highly thought by leaders from the group and other specialized companies.

In his speech, President Wang Tianyi concluded that CIIC was still not an excellent company with rapid development, but it was a vigorous rising enterprise with brilliant prospects and full of passion. At present, a trend that "sales occurred everyday, income realized every month and a new step reached every year" had been formed, but it still had a long way to go as for the establishment of "from hundred, thousand to million" sales force and the sales over ten million. Each company should build a team full of passion and confidence in the attitude of diligence and developing the useful and discarding the useless. In the end, President Wang called on the whole staffs to face the difficulties, be passionate and confident and believe in tomorrow and the future and that our passionate career was the roaring Yellow River and the Yangtze River in the spirit of "passion creates history, diligence forges success".