Shigezhuang 110KV Transformer Substation Is Built in

BIIIB The Main Body of the Project Completed,

It Will Be Put into Operation in November

As many enterprises enter BIIIB and other follow-ups are built and put into production in succession, the electrical load of the base rises rapidly, thus, a new power supply needs to be built to meet the load demand. Since this May, Shigezhuang 110KV Transformer Substation has been put into construction.

Situated on the northern side of the Middle Road and the western side of Street No. 2, Shigezhuang 110KV Transformer Substation covers 4050m2, and the construction area is 2430m2. On the ground are two floors, and underground is a three-meter-high cable interlayer. After its completion, the transformer substation can not only settle the power supply issue in BIIIB, but also can supply power to the surrounding regions.

At present, the main body of the project has been completed, and others such as the external and internal decoration and the construction of the cable tunnel as well as the installment of power supply equipments are being undertaken. It is estimated to be put into operation in the end of this November.