BIIIB 2007 Autumn Investment Promotion Meeting

Was Held--Deputy District Head Hong Bo Attended

the Conference and Delivered a Speech

On October 16, 2007, "Beijing International Information Industry Base 2007 Autumn Investment Promotion Meeting" co-sponsored by the investment promotion bureau of Changping District and Beijing International Information Industry Base (BIIIB for short) was held in Kuntai Hotel, and Hong Bo, the deputy head of Changping District, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The leaders from relevant departments of Changping District such as the investment promotion bureau and industry bureau and etc, and the leaders of Huilongguan Town Government and the town Party Committee also presented the meeting. The officials of foreign embassies to China including Poland, and Pakistan and etc, the leaders of world well known associations such as China Semiconductor Industry Association, China E-Commerce Association and so on as well as nearly a hundred delegates from over 60 high-tech enterprises that had investment intent also attended the meeting. Two enterprises including Lantian Aviation Company signed the in-park intent agreement at the meeting.

Deputy District Head Hong Bo said that the leaders of Huilongguan Town, Changping District and Beijing Municipal Government made lots of efforts in the development of BIIIB, and provided strong support. After five years of development and construction, BIIIB had developed into a high-tech industry base with preliminary scale. The fact proved that the orientation of the base was correct, and its development was healthy and rapid. Along with the upgraded orientation of the headquarters base, the industry base would meet new development opportunities. Deputy District Head Hong welcomed the famous enterprises such as Qirui Auto and etc to move their R&D center, the headquarters and so on into BIIIB. He also asked the governments of Changping District at various levels and the industry base to strengthen the service consciousness, and provide more considerate service for the in-park enterprises.

Mei Fengming, the deputy director of the investment promotion bureau of Changping District, introduced the double preferential policies of Zhongguancun Changping Science Park and Changping District Government to the present enterprises, and welcomed them to participate in the investment and construction of the industry base.

Liu Qun, the general manager BIIIB introduced the industry orientation, region advantages and service feature of the industry base. He said, the base with the information industry as the leading one regarded the attraction of new high-tech enterprises with such features as low energy consumption, pollution free, independent intellectual property, high added value, high profit and tax as the investment promotion direction. So far, the 18 in-park enterprises such as Cargill, Taiwan Fusheng, Hongkong Far East Group and so on were all new high-tech enterprises, whose production value per square meter was equivalent to the average level of the Zhongguancun Park. A new "garden" green ecological high-tech science had emerged before us. The future development goal of BIIIV was to build the headquarters, R&D and innovation base and the scientific incubation base of the northern part of the city.

Along with the rapid urbanization of Huilongguan, BIIIB has become a real "park in the city". Surrounded by villas and residential buildings, the base collects a lot of science parks, and it also has complete supporting business facilities as well as rich educational resources. The base has developed into a good selection with matured life circumstances, excellent industry surroundings and suited to life and work. The roaring of the land price indicates the regional advantage and promising prospects of the base.

Compared with other parks, BIIIB can also provide a series of special services that "can promote the sustainable development capacity of the enterprises" such as international business communications, international investment and financing, and policy information communication and etc for the in-park enterprises by means of the rich high-end resources owned by itself including foreign embassies and consulates in China, Fortune 500, international commercial associations, international investment funds, and policy research institutions and so on besides the "garden" green ecological base with beautiful environment and complete supporting facilities. The industry base has assisted the enterprises to fulfill over US$40 million international financing and the on-going financing programs amounts to nearly US$600 million via the financial service platform. Meanwhile, it has also helped most of the in-park enterprises to receive no less than several million yuan of discount government loan. Since the fund bottleneck issue has been settled, the enterprise has developed rapidly. By means of the international communication service platform, the base is building an international communication and cooperation platform so that many foreign enterprises can come into China and the Chinese enterprises can go to the world. For example, many well known Chinese enterprises including "Sanquan" Food Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, and State Development Bank and etc have found partners and established subsidiary company or branch in Poland via organizing an inspection team to Poland. We are confident to help more in-park enterprises go out of China and step into the world.