Completion of Planning Layout for Starting Area of

Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park

The 82-hectare Conceptual Planning Layout for Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park

Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park is located in the Weihai Industry Zone, and the commission agreement for development was signed with the Weihai Industry Zone in September this year. The area of land to be developed and constructed is 1240 mou (82) hectares and the size will gradually expand up to 10 square kilometers.

Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park is intended to be a modernized industry park with focus on electronic information, telecommunication, computer as well as processing and manufacture of electromechanical products, and with auxiliary of mechanical equipments, precision parts and light industry manufacture projects.

The 10-sq-km General Planning for the Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park

Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park will introduce the domestic and foreign enterprises and attract a great number of domestic and foreign high-end talents who come to the park for working and housing; and will enthusiastically train the local persons for working in the advanced enterprises, so as to promote the economic development of Weihai.

In December, 2007, Beijing International Information Industry (Weihai) Park has finished its preliminary planning, and has been diligently making the great efforts for completing invitation of investments, promotion and introduction as well as propagandizing in a short duration; moreover, will vigorously make every effort to shoot at significant breakthroughs in development and construction of investment attraction in 2008.