Official Launch of International Information Industry
Base (Harbin) Project

Signatures signed in an agreement to undertake cooperatively the project of Pingfang District, Harbin, on March 12, 2008, by Qun Liu, CIIC’s Vice President and BIIIB’s General Manager, and Xin Liu, marked the official launch of International Information Industry Base (Harbin) project. Ming Jiang, Vice Mayor of Harbin, Dr. Wang Tianyi, CIIC’s Chairman of Board and President and other leaders attended the contract-signing ceremony, presided over by Hailiang Ma, CIIC’s Vice President.

Ming Jiang, Vice Mayor of Harbin, welcomed CIIC’s investment in Pingfang District and establishment of Technology Zone. He stated that full support would be offered by the Harbin and Pingfang District governments.

Tianyi Wang, CIIC’s President said that the Group would insist on Electronic Information a leading industry, turn its advantages home and abroad into good account by establishing two bridges of communication and cooperation between Beijing and Harbin, between Harbin and the international world, and meanwhile based on platforms such as Chinese Community Network, explore the new economic developing mode and speed up streams of talents, information and logistics to promote the local economic development.

Qun Liu, General Manager, said in his speech that BIIP established its first park, BIIIB, in Changping District in 2001 and obtained preliminary achievements, so that a rudimentary garden-style headquarter appeared. The Changping government recently put forward a plan that Changping District Information Industry Band shall be established, based on the Industry Base to be expanded 30 to 50 square kilometers eastwards. BIIIB is entering the phase of rapid growth.

CIIC’s board proposed that it should be, on a foundation of establishing BIIIB well, the embodiment and deployment of developing strategies of the Group to set up BIIIB’s counterparts in those cities with a population of more that 5 million and the GDP of more than RMB 100 billion, and “International Information Industry Base (Harbin) project” in Pingfang District of Harbin.

Qun Liu said that Pingfang District is an area with the strongest economic strength, the highest industrialization level, the biggest advantages of technological talents and available land resources. BIIP will turn its great advantages of planning parks, developing projects and attracting investments into good account, and endeavor to make “International Information Industry Base (Harbin) project” a high-tech industry park with the output value of RMB 5 billion per square kilometer and taxation of RMB 0.5 billion.

Leaders such as Yingxiang Gao, Secretary General of the Harbin government, Zhili Sun, Director of Development and Reform Commission, Tieli Sun, Vice Director of Development and Reform Commission, Changde li, Office Director of Administrative Committee of Pingfang Industry Park, Ping Guo, Office Director of Development and Reform Commission, Guangguo Hong, Section Chief of Social Department and Pinghan, Investment Department attended the ceremony. CIIC’s vice presidents, Zhiwei Niu, Wenhui Cao, Jianhua Liu also attended the meeting.