Leaders from Weinan City Visits CIIC

Jun Tian, Vice Major of Weinan City of Shanxi, Yunfeng Sun, Chief Executive of Dali County, Jian Wang, Director of Development and Reform Commission of Weinan City, Shanggao, Vice Secretary General of the Weinan government visited CIIC in terms of Huanghe Culture Park Project from March 8, 2008 to March 9. BIIP’s leaders such as Qun Liu, General Manager, Geng Tian, Vice President, Zhenxing Tian, Vice President, Jinyan Zhang, General Manager and the party of visitors held a conference on related preferential policies of Huanghe Project, Logistics Park Project and next-step work.

Jun Tian stated that recent readjustment of the Weinan leading body would not cause any effect on the Weinan government’s decision to establish Huanghe Culture Park Project, the support from Weinan City’s new leading body would be as full as ever, the entrusted development agreement signed during the previous period could be altered, more preferential policies could be implemented, terms could be extended with regard to free access to 1000 mu (a Chinese unit of area, equal to 1/6 of an acre) in Huanghe Project and the Weinan government would try its best to assist CIIC in undertaking Huanghe Project.

In addition, Jun Tian stated that he welcomed Neil Bush to Weinan City, and he would receive a great reception from the government.