A Delegation Led by President Wang to Henan

At the invitation of Jianshan Wang, Chairman of Board in Henan Highway Development Ltd. and Hai Rong, Chairman of Board in Xian Haixin Group, Dr. Wang Tianyi, CIIC’s Chairman of Board and President, Geng Tian, CIIC’s President Assistant and BIIIB’s Vice President, Hans, Hans, President of Friendship Restaurant Management Ltd., Yong Liu, President Assistant of Friendship Restaurant Management Ltd., visited Zhengzhou City of Henan Province on March 21, 2008.

The delegation of Henan Highway Development Ltd. led by Jianshan Wang, Chairman of Board gave a warm reception to CIIC’s delegation. Hai Rong, Chairman of Board of President of Xian Haixin Group, arrived in Zhengshou from Kong Hong specially to accompany the delegation, who paid a visit to the highway, toll station and service station being built and the affiliated real estate company project of Henan Highway Development Ltd, and held a conference.

A huge banquet was hosted by Henan Highway Development Ltd., with speeches delivered enthusiastically by Jinshan Wang, Rong Hai and Tianyi Wang and performances given by the staff.

The visit and conference facilitated the understanding between enterprises, the broadened cooperation scope of international projects, real estate development and Park development. Afterwards, both parties will research and explore the detailed items, as to achieve the substantive cooperation between them.