Contribution Sees True Feelings, Earthquake Brings Responsibilities

――BIIP’s Staff Make an Active Contribution to Xichuan Disaster Area

At two o’clock pm thirty-five minutes, on May 12, with a fit of dizziness, all the staff in the office park simultaneously felt the wave from the Wenchuan earthquake. When the Wunchuan earthquake was confirmed on the internet, a sudden thought came across the minds of leaders, such as General Manager Liu, that Qiwen Hu from Xichuan was in Pengchuan, a disaster area. Repeated calls for him received no answer, with only the sound ‘The number you dial is out of the service.’ Later, President Wang’s call came in to give the instruction that Qiwen Hu should be found as soon as possible.
After repeated calls for hours, good news was received that Qiwen Hu was safe and sound, leaders and colleagues all heaving a sigh of relief. At the news, President Wang called Qiwen Hu to encourage him to overcome the difficulties and told him that CIIC was to help him solve the problems. Qiwen Hu said that CIIC’s warmth allowed him to face the disaster more bravely.
From May 13, a contribution activity was held throughout the Group. All the staff actively raised money for people in the disaster with care and anxiety. At two o’clock pm twenty-eight minutes, on May 19, the whole country mourned. All the staff led by General Manager Liu stood for a silent interval of three minutes, paying a tribute to people dead in the earthquake.
At eight o’clock pm twenty-eight minutes, on May 21, President Wang arrived in the Park. After the morning meeting of other cities’ Development Department, he said to the senior management that they should learn from those senior-high students, who escaped and then went back to the building to rescue classmates and teachers without any consideration for their own safety, from the police in the disaster area, who rescued others without paying any attention to their own families, from the government officials who still directed tasks when others in illness or injuries and from PLA who rescued others bravely. Order and responsibility were to be paid more attention to during the work. The manager should participate actively in working and devote energy to the company to obtain more achievements and undertake more responsibilities.