Visit to Romania

According to CIIC and BIIP’s arrangement and at the invitation of Grivco, Geng Tian, Vice General Manager, paid a visit, on May 25, to ANTENA Television Producing Center in Romania and reached an initial agreement on cooperation with Grivco after twenty-six-day on-spot research and a deep investigation with professional technological staff, and CIIC, in the next phase, would make further exploration with partners home and abroad to realize the green cash steam.
During the stay in Romania, Geng Tian held meetings with Xingxuan, Ambassador in Chinese Embassy in Romania, Tieshan Wang, Consul General in Chinese Embassy in Romania, and Mr. Bugdan, the former Vice Premier of Romania. Tieshan Wang and Mr. Bugdan all expressed determination to support CIIC’s development in Romania.
Grivco, one of the notable companies in Romania, possesses four TV channels, three newspapers and agriculture, business and other industries. Its founder, Mr. Voiculescu, was President of Conservative Party and Vice Prmier. Augustin, Minister of Romanian Embassy in China and Commercial Counselor is the former representative of Grivco agency in China. The company built a relationship with CIIC when President Wang led a delegation to Romania, kept in touch with us, in May, 2008, signed a cooperation memorandum by fax, and in April, offered the project of self-invested series-producing center on demand.
Capable of integration, CIIC participates in many a field and, based on CIIC’s development and resources home, can perform a great many projects, which are chosen based on No Resent Investment or Almost No Resent Investment, Steady Progress and From the Chores First. CIIC chooses to develop the business platform, cooperation design, investment consulting and technology service, which are feasible through a series of investigation.