A Delegation Led by Zili Deng, Vice Director
of High-Tech Zone of Changshao Visits BIIIB

A party of five, led by Zili Deng, Vice Director of Management Commission of High-Tech Zone of Chuangsha, visited Beijing on June 27. On arrival, they conducted a field survey, accompanied by BIIP’s vice general managers, Zhenxing Tian and Lianhui Ma, who provided a detailed introduction to BIIIB’s development and the overall situations of enterprises established in the Park. In the afternoon, two parties held a meeting in Sophia Dining Hall of Guobin Hotel and Tianyi Wang, CIIC’s President, Qun Liu, CIIC’s Vice President, BIIP’s General Manager, Wenhun Cao, CIIC’s Vice President, Mang Sun, CIIC’s President Assistant, and Zhenxing Tian, CIIC’s Consultant and BIIP’s Vice President. During the meeting, Qun Liu gave a overall introduction to CIIC’s development, Beijing Park’s land exploit and investment, elaborating on developing thoughts of Overall Planning, Distributing Implementation and Attracting Investment to Spur Economy. Zili Deng, Vice Director of Management Commission of High-Tech Zone of Changsha introduced High-Tech Zone’s situations, and said that the Zone was one of 23 nation-level high-tech zones approved by the State Council in the year of 1992, with last year’s output value of RMB 100 billion, and this year’s value reaching RMB 130 billion, and with a ranking of the second in the middle regions and of 15th nationally. Leading industries of High-Tech Zone involve mainly machinery manufacture, biological medicine, high-tech material and electronic information.

After the investigation of BIIIB, Director Deng put a high value on Beijing Park’s development and hoped that CIIC would pay a recent visit paid by CIIC to Changsha High-Tech Zone, which would facilitate cooperation to develop Changsha High-Tech Zone, in favor of expansion of Changsha High-Tech Zone’s scale and profit maximum of CIIC.