The Trade Conference of the Yellow River Industry Park Successfully Concluded in Shunde, Guangdong

Co-organized by the municipal government of Weinan Shaanxi province and the municipal government of Shunde district, Foshan, undertaken by BIIIB and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Shunde, The Trade Conference of the Yellow River Industry Park was held in the Junlai Hall of Junlai Hotel in Shunde on Sep 19th, 2008. Hundreds of officials, delegates from Chambers of commerce and enterprises of Shaanxi and Guangdong province presented this grand meeting and discussed the topics of industry transfer and problems in developing industry parks. This conference had received achievements as expected.

The government of Shunde District gave great support to this conference, Mr. Deng Yongqiang, the vice governor of Shunde District, vice secretary Guan Shiliang, Director Liuyi ,deputy director Zhang Peng of Economy and Trade Bureau, deputy director Lin Shilie of All Federation of Commerce and Industry presented this conference. Deputy director Zhang Peng expressed their welcome to the coming of the delegation of Weinan and the CIIC Group, and showed their support to the opening of this conference on behalf of the government of Shunde District.

In recent years, the industries in Shunde are highly focused and rapidly developed .In 2007, the total industrial output value reached 324.227 billion yuan. The demand of optimization and upgrading of traditional industries is very urgent. However, Due to the scarcity of resources and other factors, optimization and upgrading the industries is facing big obstacles in local area. Therefore, turning the attention to the economy less-developed region, establishing an extensional developing base will be a Win-win situation for the transfer of industries of Shunde to the Yellow River Industrial Park

The Government of Shunde paid highly attention to the trade conference, led by the deputy mayor Tian Jun, the delegation of Weinan reached 23 members, including Director Wang Jian of Development and Innovation Committee of China, director Liu shuping of the Investment Promotion Bureau, Secretariat Wang Chunyang of Dali country , head of the Tongguan Country He Shumao and journalists. The deputy mayor Tian Jun introduced the investment advantages to the audiences from six aspects as location, mine resources and industries parks, and pointed out eight investment directions as the choices of investors. He showed the determination for offering the utmost supports and services to the enterprises that come to Weinan. Director of Dali Economy Promoting Bureau, Liu Xigui, head of the Tongguan Country He Shumao and Liu shuping of the Investment Promotion Bureau introduced special projects separately, as well as the business policies that most of enterprises concern.

Led by vice president LiuQun, the CIIC delegation was constructed by 10 members. Mr. Zhao Yijun, vice general manager of Planning Dept. of CIIC and BIIIB, made a detailed speech about the Yellow River Industry Park from the background of the project, location advantages, planning and orientation, integrated strengths, developers and Beijing Industries Park.

More than twenty Chambers of Commerce like Guang Dong Electric Chamber of Commerce, Foshan Ceramics Industry Association, and more than one hundred delegates from 65 enterprises like Guangzhou Guangzhentian Real-estate Co. ltd etc. participated this conference.

In the conference, the issue of the business information aroused highly attention from all the delegates, Mr. Chen Guangzhen, the deputy director of Shunde Junan Chamber of Commerce expressed immediately that they would organize a business delegation to visit the Yellow River Industry Park after the end of the conference, they also planed to visit Weinan for business investigation at the end of the month.

On the other hand, we reached the cooperation intention with many institutions, such as Guang Dong Electric Chamber of Commerce, Foshan Ceramics Industry Association, Foshan textile Association, Shunde Federation of Commerce and Industry, Daliang Chamber of Commerce,. London Chamber of Commerce, etc. the institutions will introduce our industry park to their member enterprises and will organize business visits to Weinan at possible occasion.

According to the achievement of the conference, we found Shunde district has a great potential for industrial transfer, Therefore, our company decided to set up a Guangdong working team. Try to get in-depth understanding of the situation of industrial transfer through visits to local governments. We will construct the layout of our Industry Park towards a more rational harmonized and featured direction according to the industry transfer. In the meanwhile, optimizing the industries in the industry park, inducting related companies to gather around leading enterprises inside industry, cultivating an industry grouping-together with its own feature and function¡£Making rapid construction of infrastructure and its matched establishments and combining the projects conditions. To innovate the management methods, making the policy environment more favorite for the enterprises in the intents recruitment, resources regrouping and land use. To strengthen the cooperation between the Industry Park and Guangdong in the Triangle Zhujiang River region, so as to boosting up development of economy by receiving the industry and technology transfer.