Constitution of Beijing State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Golf Club

General Principles

1. The title of the Golf Club is Beijing State-guest Entrepreneurs' Golf Club (hereinafter referred to as "the club").
2. Tenet of Club:
The club sets up a top grade platform of communicating with the goal of enhancing communication and cooperation, making friends through the golf club. The Golf Club provides all-sided services of leisure, sporting and sociality for our members getting the golf news in time, upgrading the golf skills and life quality and enhancing body health.

Operation and Management

The club is founded by China International Industry & Commerce Co., ltd. and Beijing State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club.

Qualification of Membership

The club is set up for financiers, entrepreneurs and social celebrities who are interested in golf. Having received member application, the club would check the applicants and enroll the qualified.


Filling the Club Member Application Form then signing the membership agreement between Beijing State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Golf Club and club member, meanwhile submitting the copies of related qualification/certificates and ID card (or passport) along with two one-inch bareheaded photos.

The Fee of Membership

The Fee of Individual Member:6800 Yuan RMB for each year.
(If adds 500 RMB/year, you could be the member of the State Guest Health Center. The value of Health Center Membership is 6800RMB/year.)

Club Member Card

1. Member ID is not allowed to lend to others and membership is not allowed to transfer.
2. Member must show his/her member ID when take part in any activities of the Club.
3. Member must notice the club for a new one in time when the member ID card is lost.

General Principles

1. The club provides the golf competition information for our members, organizes the golf communication meetings every month, organizes golf competitions hold in Hainan, Kunming, Macao and Thailand only for club numbers every year and sets up a top grade platform for information sharing and communication.
2. Besides taking part in our activities, the club member can enjoy a favourable price if books the golf courses that cooperate with our club through our club advance booking system.
3. Obtain the award that the sponsors provide.
4. Take part in golf salon including (without limitation) the etiquette, common sense and skills of golf game, golf explaining and member party.
5. Enjoy the characteristic services on the golf club website including (without limitation) the forum, the on line training and E-magazine.
6. Member can consume in Presidential Plaza Hotel, the club's cooperating hotel£¬and can get the 20%-50% price discount including hotel room and dinning. If you're the member of State Guest Health Center, you can enjoy the swimming and gymnasium services free of charge and enjoy the massage services at a 20%-50% discount.
7. Presidential Plaza Hotel provides simulation golf field for club members at a 20%-50% discount and provides the golf ball equipment cleansing services. The member has the rights to choose golf products that our club's cooperating manufactures provide at a favourable price.
8. The Club provides the bus with air condition to golf courses and back hotel when organizes competition.
9. Member can enjoy all kinds of services of our club by showing member ID card.
10. For individual member the card is only for himself or herself taking part in the activities and the member pays for that.
11. The member must abide by the member regulation and related rules.
12. The member informs the club in written form in time about any changes of address or contact.

Termination of Membership

The club initiatively declares the cancel of membership if the member:

1. Violates the club tenet or does harm to the club credit.
2. Not abide by the member constitution and related rules.
3. Has overdue member fee.
4. Catches infectious disease or other diseases that is regarded as not fitting to the activities by the club.

Supplementary Articles

1. The club sets down this member constitution and related rules in order to maintain the high quality services and all members must abide by the rules.
2. The applicant must abide by the new rules if the member constitution and related rules are amended.