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Depend on State Guest Investment Service Platform to provide the two way service for capital investment and capital financing.

Beijing State Guest Entrepreneur Club is an internationalized membership club for world's top 500 enterprises as well as renowned elite enterprises domestically and abroad. While providing leisure and entertainment services to its members, the club also provide a higher-level investment service platform that combines investment consulting, policy researches and discussion, management consultation, project promotion, conference services as well as other services by integrating various resources, such as governmental institutions, foreign embassies and consulates in China, national level I chambers of commerce (associations), world's top 500 enterprises renowned domestically and abroad, investment funds and cultural and film circles, and establishing strategic cooperative partnerships.

Tenet of State Guest Investment Service Platform: On one hand, it assists institutions, such as investment funds, to select the projects with greatest potentials and highest investment value, so as to gain high investment returns. On the other hand, it provides capital supports and management consultation to enterprises, so as to improve their competitiveness and development speed in an all-round way.