CIIC's "Beijing Gulf, Capital's Enclave" project team visits BEDA(2011.7)
Launch ceremony for project of China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC) held in the Presidential Beijing(2011.6)
Shandong governor Jiang Daming meets with CIIC delegation(2011.5)
CIIC Group and Shandong Weifang Binhai Economic-Technological Development Area (BEDA) signs agreement for cooperation(2011.5)
Inauguration ceremony for the architectural science and technology demonstration building of Beijing HaiLin Energy Technology Inc. held(2011.2)
Fire drill for building safe "fire wall"(2010.7)
CPC Changping District Committee secretary Guan Chenghua visits BIIIB(2009.5)
GEMOTECH, leader of embedded computers, signs agreements with BIIIB(2009.4)
China Aeronautical Project and Design Institute (CAPDI) and China Aviation Construction Engineering Group (CACEG)-North Area put into use(2008.11)
CECC chairwoman Qu Weizhi visits Beijing International Information Industry Base(2008.11)
Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Jun'an, Shunde, Guangdong visits Weinan for an investigation into the Yellow River Industrial Park(2008.9)
Meeting with delegation of Kansai (Japan)'s electronic industry held in the Presidential Beijing(2008.9)
Foundation-laying ceremony of Beijing Zhaoke Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd ends satisfactorily(2008.9)
The Trade Conference of the Yellow River Industry Park Successfully Concluded in Shunde, Guangdong(2008.9)
Beijing Hailin Appliance Ltd signs an Agreement to Move into BIIIB(2008.8)
Highway Delegation's Visit to Poland Achieves a Success(2008.7)
A Delegation Led by Zili Deng, Vice Director of High-Tech Zone of Changshao Visits BIIIB(2008.6)
Visit to Romania(2008.5)
Contribution Sees True Feelings, Earthquake Brings Responsibilities(2008.5)
Thematic Meeting of Operation System in Spring, 2008(2008.4)
Neil Bush's Visit to Weinan Facilitates Launch of Huanghe Culture Park Project(2008.4)
Mayor of Jiujiang City Visits CIIC(2008.3)
A Delegation Led by President Wang to Henan(2008.3)
Leaders from Weinan City Visits CIIC (2008.3)
Official Launch of International Information Industry Base ( Harbin ) Project (2008.3)
CIIC Delegation to Morocco(2008.2)

Beijing International Information Park Enthusiastically Participates in Construction of Chinese Community Website (2007.12)

Smooth Progress of Planning Work for Project of Yellow River Culture Park (2007.12)
Commencement, Completion and Power Transmission Have Been Achieved in the Same Year by the Shigezhuang 110kV Power Transmitting & Transforming Project of Beijing International Information Industry Base (2007.11)
Completion of Planning Layout for Starting Area of Beijing International Industry (Weihai) Park(2007.12)
BIIIB 2007 Autumn Investment Promotion Meeting Was Held--Deputy District Head Hong Bo Attended the Conference and Delivered a Speech(2007.10)
CIIC Signed a Letter of Cooperation Intent with the National Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, Poland (2007.9)
BIIP Signed Commission Development Agreement with the Management Committee of Pengzhou Industry Development Zone (2007.9)
Beijing Yongfeng International Information Industry Base Held the Grand Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Two in-Park Enterprises (2007.9)
Shigezhuang 110KV Transformer Substation Is Built in BIIIB The Main Body of the Project Completed, It Will Be Put into Operation in November (2007.8)
CIIC Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement on the Development and Building of the Yellow River Cultural Park Program with Weinan Municipal Government (2007.8)
Mayor of Kielce, Poland, Paid a Visit to CIICPresident Wang Tianyi Signed Cooperation Agreement with the Mayor (2007.7)
CIIC 2007 Biannual Conference Was Successfully Held President Wang Delivered a Keynote Speech Entitled as "Passion Creates History, Diligence Forges Success" (2007.7)
CThe Land and Project Procedures of BIIP Achieved Significant Breakthroughs Three In-Park Enterprises Held the Ground-Breaking Ceremony (2007.7)
District Head Guan Chenghua Conducted an Inspection to BIIIB (2007.7)
The Exploration of the Development Road for the Private-Owned Science Park--The Interview with Liu Qun, the General Manager of BIIIB Reporter of "Invest Beijing", Li Yan(2007.7)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club "2007 Golf Invitation Tournament of Multinational Enterprise Elite"Successfully Concluded (2007.6)
The 2007 Enlarged Meeting of the Council of Biscuit Committee, CBCS--The Promotion Conference of "Pengzhou Industry Park", BIIIB (2007.6)
CIIC holds the Promotion of Overseas Development of Chinese Enterprises (2007.5)
CIIC Delegation Successfully Visits Romania and Poland--Signing Cooperation Memos and Agreements with Romanian and Polish Enterprises (2007.4)
Managing deputy mayor of Fuzhou visits CIIC--Both parties hold a talk on jointly constructing a disaster preparation center (2007.3)
CIIC holds the Evening Party of the Lantern Festival--President Wang Tianyi celebrates the Lantern Festival together with 180-odd staff and their family members (2007.3)



Information Industry Development Summit & The 1st Hainan Information Industry Development Forum has been held successfully in Hainan province

Confirmation of real estate development projects of Hangzhou International Information Park

"State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club" News Release Conference,JAN.12,

Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, governor of Hainan province, visits the Information Park