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  The Ideal of the Enterprise

BIIP inherits the enterprise culture of CIIC Group -loyalty, pragmatism, cooperativeness and endeavor, and sparkplugs a company style of "Seeking for excellence, observing the law of nature".

The basic administration elements--setting up the strategy, forming the leadership and leading the team.
The concept of talents--internationalization, profession and juvenscence.
The concept of operation--uplifting the operational efficiency and employees' efficiency in a comprehensive manner.

  The Building of A Professional Managers' Team

BIIP carries out a human-oriented management model, uses a career-plus-boon distributionprinciple to encourage staff, and strengthens the internal administrative mechanism including the recruiting, training and competition processes. It puts great emphasis on recruiting, extends training in all areas of specific jobs, and builds up an international-standard professional managers' team that has new thoughts, new manners, and with a strong spirit of exploring. We are hard-working, pragmatic, united, always brave in innovation and eager to learn, and have played a promoting role in the development of the company.