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Three core business services; Whole-processed and
powerful financial and intelligent supports

The club makes use of its own advantageous resources and exerts all its efforts to launch three core business services, namely management consultation, investment counselor and conference industry, so as to provide whole-process investment services and more cooperation and development opportunities for investment institutions and enterprises.

1. Management consultation

With an aim to learn from the successful management experiences and operational mechanisms of world's top 500 enterprises, the club organizes management authorities from related sectors including world's top 500 enterprises to provide problem diagnosis, management plan design, operational strategic planning, process reestablishment and other consultation services to small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to improve the management level and economic benefits of the enterprises in an all-round way.

2. Investment counselor

Bases on the "Investment in Beijing" platform co-established with Beijing Municipal Development & Reform Commission and makes use of the strategic cooperative partnerships established with investment funds and industrial associations, it establishes interactive and communication platforms between investment funds and projects or enterprises to find projects for investment finds and capital investment directions; and find capitals for enterprises or projects to promote the development of enterprises or projects.

In addition, the club will invite main principals from the governmental departments to introduce the country's investment policies in related fields and provide policy guidance and policy consultation services for the investment of domestic and foreign enterprises.

3. Conference industry

Taking the advantages of the conference sites and services of the club and the hotel, the club also provides services to various conferences in management consultation and investment counselor businesses, mainly including top-management forum, press release for investment and project, symposium and annul conference of an enterprise.