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Tracing key financial and economic problems,
focusing on sectors with promising prospect

Seek for Projects
Special organizational institutions are established, which is responsible for seeking for projects for financial institutions such as investment funds. The club makes use of its own resource advantages, starts from the investment preference of the investment funds and seeks for projects with investment value in their interested sectors. In addition, it also organizes experts of carry out evaluation and discussion on projects to recommend projects with investment values to the funds. Services include project seeking --- selection --- evaluation --- negotiation --- contract signing.

Capital Seeking
The club will organize special working team to provide financing consultation services to projects and enterprises. The working team will be responsible for drafting development planning for projects and enterprises, compiling business plan for projects, introducing projects of investment funds, sending professional lawyers to provide whole-processed legal supports and eventually helping projects and enterprises to realize the capital financing. In addition, it will provide tracing services to the projects and will provide listing and financing services to enterprises that meet the listing criteria.

Key Project Promotion Meeting
Making use of the strategic cooperation platform of the "Investment in Beijing" to organize press release for investment of key projects.
"Investment in Beijing" is a special institution established by Beijing Municipal Development & Reform Commission with an aim to absorb capitals from all circles in the society, especially foreign capitals and domestic nongovernmental capitals to enter into the investment sectors, which could provide full-directional investment services for the development of Beijing's social economy.
Taking the advantage of the cooperative relationships with the "Investment in Beijing" platform, the State Guest Entrepreneur Club will establish bridges between the government and the society, and between the project and the capital. It will organize press release for key projects, realize the direct connection of investment and project, bring convenience to social investment, reduce the business costs of investors and widely absorb investments from all channels.

Policy Symposium
In line with the demands of enterprises, the club will invite leaders of the administrative governmental departments and authorities from the economic circle to hold symposiums on related national policies, industrial development situation and trend, countermeasures to economic globalization as well as other enterprises interested problems, ask questions and doubts of enterprises and carry out discussions on enterprises interested policy and regulations. For example, Forum of Ministers, Forum of Mayors, Symposium on Industrial Policies, etc.

Management Consultation
Comprising of top management elites from world's top 500 enterprises, the counselor group with powerful lineup, advanced idea, abundant experience and strong practical uses will provide trainings, discussions, and management consultations on corporate strategy, operational process, marketing, human resource and financial planning, providing an full-directional solution.
Meanwhile, it also discusses the opportunities to carry out strategy cooperation with the cooperative partners in the upstream and down stream of the industrial chain.

Conference Services
For instance, providing whole-processed services, including plan regulation, guest invitation and organization of the evaluation argumentation meetings, project promotion conferences, press releases as well as other activities for both parties of the capital investment and capital financing.