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State Guest Investment Service Platform that
highlights five servicing features

1. The "State Guest" brand for investment services

The "State Guest" brand for the investment services in capital investment and financing sectors boasts the obvious characteristics of high level, abundant resources, wide scope, excellent service and good achievement.

2. Service platform's five major features

High Level
Making use of the State Guest Entrepreneur Club, the investment service platform will invite main principals in related departments of the Chinese Government, CEOs of world's top 500 enterprises, ambassadors, ministers and economic counselors from foreign embassies and consulates in China, domestic and oversea level I chambers of commerce and associations, renowned investment funds domestically and abroad, as well as investment administrative departments of local government, such as Beijing Municipal Development & Reform Commission, to guide and participate in the platform construction.

Abundant Resources
The platform makes use of the resources of the government, the world's top 500 enterprises, foreign embassies and consulates in China, chambers of commerce and associations, investment institutions and administrative departments to provide multi-directional services to customers, such as policy, management, capital and trade.

Wide Scope
As sources of the investment service platform involves multiple industrial sectors, the platform can provide services to both sides of the capital investment and financing activities in a wider range, satisfying the demands of both sides of the capital investment and financing activities to a wider range.

Excellent Service
Excellent service mainly demonstrates in two aspects: 1) Standing at the angles of both sides of the capital investment and financing activities, it can provide whole-processed planning, tracing and packaging services to them; 2) Taking use the advantages of the top-class business and conference environment of the State Guest Club and Presidential Plaza Hotel Beijing, it can provide best activity planning, organization and services.

Good Achievement
Good achievement comes form the servicing tenet of the platform as well as the forward looking, high-end and high-return features of the project resources.