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  Preferential Policies

On 11 March 2002, the Administrative Committee of Changping Zone, Zhongguancun Science Park, issued Decision that Enterprises Entering Beijing International Information Park Will Be Eligible for Preferential Policies for Changping Science Zone of Zhongguancun. The Decision stipulates that enterprises may enjoy all the preferential policies of the Zhongguancun Science Park and other preferential policies of the Changping District.

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Approved Document for Preferential Policies

Main Preferential Policies of Zhongguancun Science Park
Note: see the formal documents for the precise content of the policies.

Income Tax for High-Tech Enterprises Enterprises are free of Income Tax for three years from the date of set-up. Enterprises are taxed at the half rate of 7.5 percent from the fourth year to the sixth year, and at the rate of 15 percent since the seventh year.
Sales Tax for Enterprises Engaged in Technology Transfer or Technology Exploration The income are free of Sales Tax
Integrate circuit products and Enterprises producing Integrate circuit products Eligible for the policies of the Several policies for encouraging the development of software industry and integrate circuit industry
R&D fund raised from social imbursement The full amount of the imbursement outlay can be deducted from the income that should be taxed
All the outlay in the research and development of new technology, etc. can be apportioned into the cost at one time or several times
Equipments and spare parts imported by enterprises producing products in the National Catalogue of High-Tech or New-Tech Products for self-utilization Tariff and import VAT is exempted, except those stipulated otherwise
roducts in Catalogue of High-Tech Products for Export of China When verified and approved by the State Bureau of Taxation, products whose tax refund rates are lower than tax rates may get the refund at the tax rate after they are exported in accordance with the current regulations on export refund