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Compared with other parks, besides the green-ecological park with elegant environment and all necessary auxiliary facilities, BIIP also provides enterprises moving in with comprehensive internationalized services which help to strengthen the capacity of sustainable development of the enterprises.

Elegant and Programmatic Communication Platform for Entrepreneurs
The State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club set by BIIP is an international club aiming at elites of Fortune 500 enterprises and famous domestic and international enterprises.

By integrating resources of governments institutions, foreign embassies to China, business chambers (associations) at national level, famous domestic and international enterprises, celebrities in cultural and entertainment circles etc, the Club provides members with high level platform of business, social communication, entertainment, relaxation and habitation. Relying on the three core business services of "Management Consultation", "Investment Advising" and "Convention Industry", the club creates more opportunities for cooperation and development for member enterprises.

Enterprises moving into the park can take advantage of the communication platform of this Club to make friends from various circles and expand the space for development.

Real Estate Services of Top Qualification
Architectural design services are provided by Architect Design Institute with Grade A Qualification, while the construction services of factory buildings etc, are provided by Real Estate Companies with First-rate Qualification.

Considerate and Thoughtful Property Management
The Sino-US joint venture Property Management Company provides the first rate property management services. Logistics companies will provide relevant services. At the same time, depending on the high level business chambers and exhibition centers, the Park provides all-directional property management services and exhibition services.