CIIC and BIIP hold the 2007 Point-to-Point Work Communication Conference--President Wang requests BIIP to strive for listing in 2008 (2007.3)
2007 CIIC Work Conference wraps up successfully---President Wang gave a lecture themed on "creating history from scratch"(2007.2)
Business delegation of Romanian Nile group visits CIIC--Both sides will jointly build a bridge for Chinese enterprise to Romania and Europe(2007.2)
CIIC and State-Guest Entrepreneur's Club jointly held the 2007 Reception Party of the Spring Festival---Liu Qun, general manager of SGE Club, gives a speech on behalf of President Wang Tianyi (2007.2)
Leaders from the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee inspect BIIIB--Accompanied by Wang Tianyi, president of CIIC (2007.1)
CIIC business delegation successfully completes the visit to Romania and Poland--Representatives from both governments and industrial and commercial circles welcome CIIC to invest in Romania and Poland (2007.1)
CIIC talks about cooperation with Polish delegation--Polish Government hopes CIIC visits Poland (2006.12)
Integrating resources and starting from scratch--2006 summary and 2007 planning discussion meeting held by BIIP (2006.12)
Phase II preparation workshop for Yellow River Forum held by CIIC (2006.12)
Mountaineering activity entitled with Consolidating Team and Forge Excellence held by CIIC---BIIP won the tug-of-war contest (2006.12)
CIIC delegation visits Fuzhou and Xiamen--Government leaders welcome CIIC to invest in local regions (2006.12)
Four Cooperation Agreements reached between CIIC Delegation and Pakistan---fruitful achievements from President Wang Tianyi's visit to Pakistan (2006.11)
CIIC delegation visits Pakistan (2006.11)
Pakistani guests visit BIIIB---uests commend the construction of base at a superman speed (2006.11)
CIIC holds Q4 special work conference of BIIP--President Wang Tianyi explains the work objective of developing park economy (2006.10)
Beijing Introduction Fair of Wuxi Mashan Investment Environment successfully wraps up---Liu Qun, General Manager, gives speech to welcome enterprises to invest and establish factories in Wuxi Base (2006.9)
All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce hosts a seminar on Pakistan cooperation project---President Wang introduces the idea of building Chinese private business park (2006.8)
CIIC logistics work conference held---President Wang asks to stress on resources and terminals at the same time(2006.8)
Vice-president Liu Qun accompanies with Japanese electronic enterprises to inspect Qingdao Jiaonan Information Industrial Base(2006.7)
2006 Mid-year Working Conference CIIC is successfully held---Vice-president Liu reports on behalf of BIIP(2006.7)
CIIC watches 2006 World Cup final in the State Guest Hotel(2006.7)
CIIC Group held on-site work meeting in Beijing International Information Industry Base---Liu Qun, vice-president, reported the development and construction situation of Beijing Base(2006.6)
The 100 th Seminar of ¡°Chang'an Forum¡±(the celebration meeting), hosed by the Chinese Economists 50 was held in Beijing State Guest Entrepreneurs' Club(2006.6)
The 18 th internal seminar of Chinese Economists 50 Forum is held at the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club(2006.6)
The ¡°point to point¡± work conference of the group held in BIIP---President Wang Tianyi listens to the report and makes an important direction(2006.6)
China International Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd and Tianjin High-Tech Industrial Park sign an agreement for joint development(2006.5)
Prince Michael of the UK leads a delegation to participate in the ¡°Northeast China in Revitalizing- Sino-U.K. Enterprise Investment Seminar¡± Speech by Liu Qun, the general manager of State-Guest Entrepreneur's Club(2006.5)
China Innovative Bankers¡¯ Club holds the 3rd breakfast meeting (2006.4)
Spring Work Conference of the CIIC's Science and Technology System in 2006 is held in Miyun Luyuan Club(2006.4)
Seventeenth internal meeting of “Chinese Economists 50 Forum” is held at State Guest Hotel(2006.4)
BIIP organizes a new employee speech training conference(2006.3)
Deputy president Liu Qun participates in a consultation meeting on cooperation between Anhui and Fortune 500 enterprises(2006.3)
President Wang Tianyi took part in the morning conference of External Park Exploration Department of BIIP(2006.3)
Second Session of Sino-European Investment & Trade Hotspot Issue Forum 2006 held in the State Guest Hotel(2006.3)
Hong Qizhong handles official business in BIIIB(2006.3)
China Innovative Banks'Club holds the 2nd Breakfast Meeting(2006.2)
Operation Work Conference held(2006.2)
BIIP holds a mobilization conference for ISO 9000 quality management system certification (2006.2)
CIIC Group holds an evening party to celebrate 2006 Spring Festival——Beijing Internatonal Information Park wins the honorable title of “Excellent Collective”(2006.1)

“Development Creates Properties; Management Integrates Logistics”—— 2006 Working Conference of CIIC Group held successfully(2006.1)

BIIIB signs a framework cooperation agreement with the Beijing Office of the Business Department of Pennsylvania State(2005.12)
Opening Ceremony of Qingdao Base of Beijing International Information Industry Base kicks off (2005.12)
BIIIB signs an agreement with Wuxi Taihu National Tourist Resort Zone to develop "Wuxi Base of BIIIB" (2005.12)
Leaders of Hefei State High-tech Development Zone investigates BIIIB (2005.11)
Opening Ceremony of Qingdao Base of Beijing International Information Industry Base kicks off (2005.10)
CIIC Group held Operation and Management Conference for Beijing International Information Park (BIIP) (2005.10)
1st-phase standard workshops of BIIP start building (2005.9)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club "2005 Beijing Golden Autumn Elite Golf Invitation Tournament" Successfully Concluded (2005.9)
Leaders of CIIC and State Guest Entrepreneur Club are invited to participate in a reception (2005.9)
CIIC hosts a Mid-Autumn Festival Party (2005.9)
Deputy president Liu Qun and his party investigate Jiangxia District of Wuhan (2005.9)
Create property through development and integrate logistics through management---The group company holds a half-year working conference and deputy president Liu Qun makes a report on behalf of BIIP (2005.8)
Leaders from Jiangxia District of Wuhan inspect BIIIB (2005.8)
Concentrate the team cohesion and create CIIC's brilliance---CIIC organizes a Xishan Mountain-climbing activity (2005.8)
Chen Ci investigates Beijing International Information Industry Base (2005.7)
Group President Wang Tianyi Leads a Delegation to Investigate Xi'an Chanba River Ecological Zone & High-tech Development Zone (2005.7)
Professor Xiao Zhuoji, independent director of CIIC Group, giving speech on macro-economy (2005.7)
Secretary of Changping Committee of CPC investigates Beijing International Information Industry Base (2005.6)
China Aeronautic Project and Design Institute signs contract to enter Beijing International Information Industry Base (2005.6)
International information industry base holds a working conference on land certificate transaction (2005.6)
Deputy president Liu Qun participates in "Italy Carnival" activities (2005.6)
Investment and financing service platform helps in-park enterprises to obtain zero-interest loan (2005.6)
Deputy president Liu Qun presents the China-Iceland Business Seminar and makes a special speech (2005.6)
The award ceremony for Professor Xiao Zhuoji as the Independent director of CIIC Group (2005.5)
Deputy president Liu Qun meet guests from the royal family of United Arab Emirates (2005.5)
His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent Visited CIIC (2005.4)
BIIP holds the investment promotion meeting (2005.4)
Deputy head of Changping District works on-spot at BIIIB (2005.4)
Strengthen operation scheme, enhance cash flow---President Wang attends the special working conference of Beijing International Information Park Corporation (2005.3)
Notice on renaming of "Beijing Yongfeng International Information Park" to "Beijing International Information Industry Base" (2004.12)
CIIC holds training about enterprise management and plan (2005.3)
Commendation Meeting for 2004 Advanced Collectives and Individuals Held by Beijing International Information Park (2005.3)
International Information Industrial Base hosts in-park enterprise loan guarantee seminar (2005.3)
2005 Work Conference of CIIC Completed Successfully President Liu Delivered 2004 Summary Report and Plan of 2005 on Behalf of BIIP (2005.2)
Love-heart donation crossing national boundaries
---Beijing International Information Park launches love-heart donation (2005.1)
International Information Park organizes "skiing activity" on Christmas Day (2005.1)
CIIC convenes technological system special conference, deploys works for model implementation and speeding up reduplication (2004.12)
Golf Invitational Tournament rounded off Elite from World Top 500 and multinational companies in the golden fall of 2004 (2004.11)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club---Preparation work for "2005 International Investment Negotiation Summit"starts in an all-round way (2004.11)
Build a team, implement models and improve executing power--CIIC Group held "a conference to summarize the mountain climbing activities to celebrate CIIC Group's 16th anniversary"(2004.11)
BIIP implements "state guest investment service platform" strategic transformation (2004.9)
CIIC Group held a special operation regular meeting at BIIP (2004.9)
BIIP convenes mobilization meeting to arrange works of the third and the fourth quarter (2004.8)
Deputy President Liu introduces BIIP's operation model (2004.8)
BIIP cooperates in the organization of a large-scale charity party (2004.8)
The large-scale Performance-- "Stepping towards Brilliance-Garment Evening of China's Hundred-Year-Long Fashion" (2004.7)
Group hosts information security knowledge training in BIIP (2004.7)
BIIP Holds a Red and White Song Contest Karaoke Event (2004.7)
"Safety Security and Evaluation Symposium of Information System" kicks off at Presidential Plaza Hotel Beijing on June 27 (2004.6)
Night of Charming Dance: Passion Renewed on June 23 (2004.6)
"Multinationals Forum" Concluded in Fuzhou (2004.5)
A Flaming Night in the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club (2004.5)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club "Spring Golf Invitation Tournament" Successfully Concluded in Beijing (2004.4)
"Invest Beijing-Market Promotion Conference on Olympic economy" declares open in Beijing (2004.4)
"Invest Beijing-Market Promotion Conference on Olympic economy" declares open.Olympic Economy start-up formally (2004.4)
"International Trade Disputes and Public Relations High Level Forum" successfully concluded at the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club on April 9,2004. (2004.4)
"US-China Economic Summit Banquet" Held in State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club (2004.4)
"International Trade Disputes and Public Relations High Level Forum"report from sina (2004.4)
President Tian Yi Wang Attending Tree-Planting in International Information Park (2004.3)
Unique Lecture was Given in State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club (2004.2)
"State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club" News Release Conference,JAN.12 ,(2004.1)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club Gave Evening Banquet(2003.12)
State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club Held Reward Event (2003.11)
Development of the Municipal Construction (2004.3)
President Wang Tianyi made an investigation in the New City Industrial Park of Science and Technology in west Chongqing (2003.11)
The number of companies having signed the entrance contracts with Beijing International Information Park is increasing steadily (2003.5)
Information Industry Development Summit & The 1st Hainan Information Industry Development Forum has been held successfully in Hainan province (2003.3)
Hainan provincial government gave energetic support to and placed sincere hope on International Information Park for establishing Optic-electron International Information Park in Haikou (2003.3)
Mr. Tianyi Wang, president and chairman of the board of directors of China International Industry and Commerce Co., ltd. addressed in the welcome party of the summit(2003.3)
Mr. Qun Liu, vice executive president of International Information Park gave a speech with the title of "To establish Haikou Optic-electron International Information Park so as to contribute to the development of the information industry in Hainan province" on behalf of Beijing International Information Park(2003.3)
To initiate the setup of the preparatory committee of the executive council of the summit(2003.3)
The national and local leading medias have reported the summit(2003.4)
Beijing International Information Park organized a successful participation in the 5th Zhong Guan Cun Computer Festival (2002.9)
The Cooperation with BIIP(2003.7)
The Cooperation with Samsung SDS Co. Ltd.(2003.7)
Signed with Lin Yang Intellegent Co. Ltd.(2002.4)
Individual development of accessory equipment(2002)